St. Martin's Day in Ardooie

Ardooie (BE)


City of Ardooie


November 2021


Architectural Video Mapping

St. Martin's Day in Ardooie

Projection for the municipality of Ardooie and Sint-Maartensstoet Ardooie as an alternative for the Sint-Maarten procession that could not take place because of Corona.

Illustrations by Steven Selschotter

No St. Martin's Day procession, but adapted light projection in Ardooie.

In Ardooie this weekend is all about Saint Martin. Even though the traditional St. Martin's Day procession will not be held this year, there will be an adapted light projection on the church tower for five days.

The Sint-Maartens parade is a real popular feast and attracts thousands of spectators from the wide region to Ardooie every year. Because of the unfavourable corona figures, the organizing committee decided last month to cancel the procession this year. 


For the first time in forty years there will be no procession through Ardooie this weekend. In order not to let Saint-Maarten go by unnoticed, there will be a light projection on the church tower from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. the next five days. 


This projection includes all the highlights of a traditional St. Martin's Day parade such as performances, floats, street theatre, children's entertainment... There are also artificial fireworks.

It is the company Urban Mapping from Roeselare who created the project.

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