About us

Who are we?

Cities have stories to tell. Urban Mapping brings stories to life with the magic of projection during unique audiovisual city walks.

We are a partner from A to Z and take care of the creative, logistical and technical aspects of every project.

What do we do?

Buildings all over the city form the backdrop for spectacular light walks.

During dark winter evenings or warm summer nights, local legends, exciting historical stories or magical fairy tales come to life with our unique projections.

Why Urban Mapping?

Creativity and unburdening are key: we are your partner for the entire creative process and we provide all technical support for the project.

Our projection units are designed for the city. They are weatherproof, vandal-proof, elegant and space-saving. Through remote monitoring and control, we ensure a worry-free experience for our customers.

Ultimate city marketing

Our light walks are the ideal family outing to your city. Inhabitants of the city see their own urban legends come to life in unexpected places, and visitors discover your city in a surprising way.

The walks are a fun evening activity after a day out or during a stay in the city.
In this way, we also stimulate local trade and the catering industry.