Magical Vienna

Menen (BE)


Cultural center De Steiger Menen


February 2021


Light Walk

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Magical Vienna

Cultural Centre De Steiger Menen, together with the city and its inhabitants, brought light and warmth to Menen during Boulevard Polar Menen.
From 26 February to 14 March, you could take that very literally.

Via video mapping projections, three historic façades in the city centre became the setting for an impressive, artistic film.

A little magician discovered new worlds during the eye-catching videos full of wonder.

Along the enchanting Old Slate Lane, you were back at the city museum after an hour or so. You were immersed in the magical story and could enjoy an atmospheric evening walk that connected the heritage sites.

Concept & execution by Urban Mapping
Illustration: Wouter Schoutteten - Flint Visual Content
Animation: Alexander Stragier
Technical lead: Lukas Proot

#projectionmapping #videomapping #urbanmapping

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